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I ordered a basket of cookies to be delivered to a patient in the hospital on Friday afternoon with the understanding that they would be delivered on Monday. I got a call on Tuesday morning stating they couldn't deliver them because the patient had check out when they tried to deliver @ 4:00pm. When I asked why they delivered so late, I was told that they didn't deliver in the morning.

Since the patient doesn't live in the same town as the business I asked to cancel the order only to be told that they didn't cancel orders. The only other option was to have it shipped to his home at an additional $20.00. I'm sure his $100.00 stale cookies will make him feel much better...

Heaven forbid that they inform a customer of all these pesky details BEFORE the order is placed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cookies By Design Cookies.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I am appalled by the rudeness of the responses to Regina\'s complaint. No, it is not the fault of Cookies by Design that her friend checked out of the hospital before they were able to deliver the cookies.

4pm is within their working hours and it should always be assumed deliveries can be made at any point within business hours. It is unfortunate that this happened and Cookies by Design is doing their job by offering to redeliver at an additional cost. That being said, attacking her for not hand delivering the cookies herself is ridiculous. In all likelihood the friend she sent the cookies to is in another state and she is not able to fly out and be with him or her.

I have sent numerous flower and cookie gifts delivered to hospitals when out of state relatives have been ill, had surgery or had a baby.

There is absolutely no excuse for personally attacking her. In truth, it says nothing about her or Cookies by Design and a whole lot about the character of the commenter.


Worst costumer service!!! Tried to canceal an online order and it was a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!

Took forever for someone to pick up the phone then they gave a ton of attitude. I will never order form Cookies by design again!!


Come on now Regina- Lets be honest here. You're not really mad at Cookie's By Design. You're mad at yourself.

You made your order with them for one reason- convenience. These days people don't seem to have time for anyone...yourself included. Opposed to going to the retail location, picking them up and then actually delivering them to your sick friend--you took the easy road out. But hey, no blame here; I'd probably of done the same thing. That's why Cookies By Design is so awesome!

The kink occurred when your friend was discharged from the hospital. Had they not left, everything would have gone perfectly. Upon them leaving- you hoped that Cookies By Design would eat the cost on the cookies they baked, the fuel, drive time and employee cost of delivering your order.

Listen Regina, I'm sure that you do something for work and you ought to know that sometimes business is business. Everything in business, just as everything in life- carries with it cost. It costs you time or it costs you money (usually both).

The problem with America is that everyone wants special allowances and special treatment. We expect companies, people, services, contractors to all bend over backwards for us because that is what we define as "customer service". We're rapidly becoming an irrational, whiny country no different than the spoiled heir of some Duke.

To others: Try not to let this person's perception of an otherwise normal delivery of value and service by Cookie By Design sway your enjoyment of their products and services.

Tony Tomlinson


That's the risk you take when delivering to a hospital. It's better to have things sent to someone's home or better yet, deliver it in person.

You can't ask them to cancel your order after it has already been baked, decorated and a delivery attempt was made.

They did what you asked of them. It's your responsibility to find out when the recipient will be discharged to avoid problems such as this.


It wasn't their fault the recipient left the hospital. You should have checked that out before you had them deliver.

Perhaps send them to the recipients home. As for canceling the order...

they already baked, decorated and delivered per your request. Take responsibility.


Whatever. Cookies By Design is awesome and besides, why would you get someone else to deliver your gift to your sick friend?

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