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I ordered a gift for my sister from Cookies By Design. I had wanted it delivered on my sister's birthday so she would enjoy the surprise at work; that is part of the fun. The day after it was supposed to arrive, I called to check on it. I was on hold for over a half hour before I was told they could not locate my order (but had no problem taking my money!) Someone was supposed to call me back, but never did.

Over a week later, my sister received her gift, crammed into a brown cardboard box. It was all smashed up and broken. Unbelievably, the cookies were mailed from 1800 miles away, when the Cookies By Design store was only 2 miles from where she works! Why in the world would the have been mailed? I thought the delivery seemed a little pricy for a 2 mile drive.

Never again will I use this company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cookies By Design Cookies.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I've NEVER had a problem with Cookies by Design.. all my orders were on time, hand delivered and fresh! Love them!


There going out of business shortly anyway so stop complaining. insider info


To BRock72

If you only live 2 miles from the store get off you lazy *** and go pick it up and drop it off yourself.

To Cookie Lady: tell the franchisee to pay up there dues. You have no idea how much money the home office looses because shops don't pay up.

To Cookie Guy, You are right about one thing, Marshall at the corporate store it ruining the company. That's why employee's are leaving and shops are shutting down. It wont be long before it closes along with all the shops.

To COOKIES BY DESIGN HATER. If you think that they have bad customer service, try working now for management. They don't care or listen to anyone.


They built a factory and distribution center in Texas and are forcing their franchises out of business. You will not get fesh cookies from them. Call the store nearest you to place an order.


I have affiliated with a franchised Cookies By Design store for nearly 10 years. NEVER order a basket from the corporate location.

The new corporate ownership is actively shutting down franchise and allowing franchise agreements to expire because they want to ship everything out of Dallas,Texas. There are zip codes within 2-3 miles of our store that we have serviced for years but now the only way we can service them is if the person that places the order calls us directly. If you go to the corporate web site, they will only forward the order to the closest store if that store 'owns' the zip code. I have been delivering these baskets since 2000 and at one point delivered them by hand as far as 100 miles away.

At first, corporate changed the rule saing we can only deliver to 50 miles away and made any zip code further 'unavailable' on the web site. Last year, they started pulling local zips and closing stores. Corporate hasn't sold a franchise in several years and that was their main source of income. Currently, they get a small percentage of each stores sales.

By closing the stores, they bring deliveries in house and get a larger profit margin. I'm not against profit. I just have a problem when a company makes it by cutting the throats of people that invested a lot of time and money because they believed in the product.

Bottom line: When ordering Cookies By Design (and I hope you will), go to google or any other search engine and type in 'Cookies By Design' and the name of the closest big city.

This should give you the phone number of the closest store. Call them directly and it pulls corporate out of the loop.


Cookies By Design has by far the worst customer service. I had a similar problem, the cookies that I ordered were suppose to be hand delivered from a store very close to the recipient of the cookies; however the store was closed (Corporate Cookies by Design didn't even know their own store had closed).

They called and said they would be sending the cookies via fedex and they should arrive 3 days later, yet they stil haven't arrived!

DONT BUY FROM COOKIE BY DESIGN! They are a teribble company!


If you order on the internet I think the cookies are shipped from a factory warehouse out of the country. Call the store direct next time.

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