Chicago, Illinois

Ordered cookies via internet on May 2 2008 for delivery on May 9, 2008. Delivery confirmed with cookies to be made and delivered by the Orland Park, IL store. On May 9, 2008 at approximately 2:00 p.m., no cookies in sight.

Called store and was told cookies would be delivered late by woman "on her way home". Six fifteen p.m.-still no cookies. Telephoned store. An employee answered and said she would have the owner call me back. When he called, he was rude and made no mention of the whereabouts of cookies.

canceled order and will never order again. Mother's day ruined-cookies were to be a present.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cookies By Design Cookies.

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I have eaten cookies from Cookies by Design and they are always hard and tasteless. I love sending cookie bouquets so in my search I found Miss Rileys

Small Company with absolutely wonderful cookies and great costumer service.

They always return my calls and are very helpful. I would recommend them very highly.


Don't ever use Cookie by Design in Scottsdale. They call and tell me there is problem with the order.

What? I don't know. The close at 5 pm so cannot contact them until I get off work. They never check their emails and I copied the headquarters and what did they do.

They forwarded the email and remember they did not check their emails. So, my Father did not get his bouquet as of yet for Father's Day. I ordered on a Tuesday and even to them to send a different design if that was the issue. Remember they did not tell me what the problem was.

It will be almost a week and hopefully he will get it soon.

I will never do business with them again. I believe they have poor customer service at the store and at headquarters.


I have been ordening in dallas area from my cookie bouquets for 3 years already and never have a problem,fresh cookies on time,they call you if recipient is not at the hospital or home. Try them very good customer service.


You are not a mother just because you put the title "A mother" does not make you one. If you are one hopefully your children are taken away from you because you are a poor role model.


Trevor, you're an *** and don't know what you are talking about. The person wasn't complaining about the fact that his mother was upset, he/she was upset because this was a special treat for Mom.

It was ruined for him. You are a mean ignorant person.


I guess your mother does not love you that much if a simple thing as not getting cookie for her special ruins her day. I guess cookies are more important than spending time with you.

I completely understand why. You don't love her enough to get her something else when your plan failed.

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