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For all my LGBT friends...Cookies By Design sucks and I felt like they were a little homophobic. After I mentioned to them that my BOYFRIEND did not receive his Valentine's day cookies on time, and it when he did get an something yesterday (the 18th), it was the complete wrong order.

The women on the phone refused to refer to him as my boyfriend and called him my "friend" and I had to fight with her to get a refund. If heterosexual person had called, I am sure she would have not referred to the clients boyfriend/girlfriend as a "friend."

Product or Service Mentioned: Cookies By Design Cookies.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Don't count on your off the wall presumptions being right. Maybe it was something in your whole attitude.

If I was ordering something for a heterosexual friend, I wouldn't have mentioned the sex of the friend I would have just said friend, figuring it wasn't the employee's business what sex the friend was. In a way the fact that you brought it up, caused the reaction, if it was a reaction.

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