I recently had a giant MLB cookie sent to my nephew sched'd to arrive on 7/29/11. It was left on their doortep on 7/28/11.

When we opened the box on the 29th, the icing had apparently melted and half of the team logo in the center of the cookie was obliterated. We cut into it to see if we could at least cut it into squares and serve it anyway and it was totally stale. I had to go find another cake at this very last minute in a town I was totally unfamiliar with. I called Cookies By Design.

I was on hold for 40 min. Finally they answered my call, told me to photograph the cookie and send it to them via email. When I returned home a couple of days later I did just that. It has been one week and I haven't heard a word from them.

I am now going to have to call my credit card company and dispute it. What a terrible way to do business.

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Why did he leave the cookie on the porch? Was there no room anywhere in the house?

Not trying to bash but it seems he may have contributed to the ruining of the cookie. Doesn't sound like it was the company's fault.


Wow. People like you, Miss "Refund," are why others think twice about going into business all together. You can't please everyone. My first job was as a cashier at a local grocery store. A man came into the store with an empty Rotiserre Chicken container full of bones. He had ate the whole thing, brought the bones back in to the store and "claimed" that it was raw and he wanted to be refunded his money. Ridiculous.

It's one thing to complain over a product, we are all entitled to our own opinions, it's another when you want to bash someone the way you did. It's disgusting and embarrassing.


To the original poster:

17-3 = 14, not 15. Learn to do math.

The 14 year old has better writing skills than you (I'm assuming a grown adult). Pathetic.

Insulting a 14 year old's *** or genitalia? Wow. Grow up. You must be really proud of yourself. Obviously stupidity runs in the family. You proved your stupidity by your comments, math skills, and immaturity. Your nephew is dumb for leaving a cookie out in the heat for a day and a half.


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