Daughter sent mom Cookies by Design.So stale & hard she could not chew on any of them without busting her teeth. They were hard as tombstones & hockey pucks, Surviving dad.

Called local branch who was not interested. One cookie was as hard as the next. I would suggest if you are going to send food, send fruit or veggies, it usually has to be fresh. They cannot send you rotten food.

The other thing is I am going to contact the state food department and see if they will check into this. Of course the best thing is not to send food at all.

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If you want to order cookies, you can order them from me. I make those handmade cookies for a lower price, for a lot better taste and personalized too.

You can check out my FB profile Jeraldine Labrador and see some of my cookie collection. I send them a lot to my son who lives in NJ and they get there in one piece and fresh.


lmao, maybe she sent them from china.


what a freak!

Allenton, Michigan, United States #150449
HAVE YOU TRIED EATING A TOMBSTONE OR HOCKEY PUCK?????? YOU JUST LIKE TO FLAP YOUR *** JAW!!!!! :roll :roll :eek :eek :upset :upset :upset :x :x :x

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